Keep 'er Flying!

Start this shindig

The crew have been down on their luck for a while. However a good offer came in recently from a man named Martin Dallas. He wanted them to move some goods for him without customs getting involved. He stipulated that they needed to bring along his man Duncan to insure the transport.

As they headed back to the ship they were confronted by Frankie. He and Woodrow had a dissagreement about how a run should have been handled. Frankie still demands the repayment of 500 credits he lost because of it. Woodrow told Frankie that he would be paid when they returned from their next run, not mentioning that they would be paid on Newhall, not Persepohne.

The ship was loaded up on the first day of the trip went well. However, on the second day they ran into a debriefield leftover from the war. Some fancy flying saved them from a colision, but shook one of the engines to the breaking point. They stopped so it could be repaired and ended up behind schedule, leaving Duncan none to pleased.

They landed on Paquin and Duncan saw to getting the cargo exchanged. The others went into town to find parts. A young woman came running out of a tent being chased by thugs. The preacher fired off his gun, saving her from them. She thanked them and introduced herself as Miranda. They offered to take her off world with them.

When they got back to the ship, Peichi told the captain she knew where she recognized Duncan from. She showed him a wanted poster. Duncan was wanted for seven murders. The captain told her to keep it quiet for now.



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