Keep 'er Flying!

The Job Goes Sideways

Miranda clued the crew in on her plan when they landed on Bernadette. She needed for Archie Dayne and James Woodrow to put on disguises so that they would look like hired body guards while she got a new dress. They went to the Galactic Central Bank to make a withdraw. Shepard Jacques and Peichi were left behind to watch the ship and get groceries.

It was only as Miranda bluffed her way past the tellers that they learned they would be emptying an account belonging to the crime boss Ivan Ivanoff. Things were going smoothly though and they walked right out with the money. Things went sideways when they ran into Content Not Found: ivan’s thugs.

Archie tossed his briefcase at the goons for a distraction and they all started to run. They split up with James taking the remaining money one way and Archie taking Miranda another. When cornered, Archie was able to knockout their pursuer with a board as he came around a corner. They got back to the Alabaster only to discover Pei Chi and James were missing.

James had managed to jump a fence and get away from the thugs. Unfortunately he came around a corner to meet some other unpleasant fellows. He woke up later in a cramped, dark cell with Pei Chi tending to him.



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