Keep 'er Flying!


With the Alabaster loaded up, the crew took off into the black. James explained what he had learned to Archie Dayne and Shepard Jacques about Duncan. Archie was none to pleased. First they pick up a nonpaying passenger and now they had a murder on board. Jacques took a different view and wanted to work out a way to collect the bounty after they finished the run.

That night they were woken to Miranda screaming. Apparently she had some kind of night terror. Over the next two days she became worse, obviously distressed by something. James talked to her the next day in the cargo hold. Al she revealed was her discomfort with Duncan. The next night Archie could hear her fitful sleep. When he investigated, all she could tell him was half coherent ramblings about death and traps.

It was evening when they neared Newhall. As they prepared to land, Duncan ambushed Archie in the engine room. Archie was able to hit the comm just before Duncan’s meaty hands started to strangle him. James and Jacques rushed to help. James tried to tackle the large man, who tossed an unconscious Archie at him. Slipping past the mechanic, James slammed into Duncan…and fell backwards. Jacques fired with his pistols, but the silent man was wearing armor. Duncan fired back with a sawed off shotgun, wounding Jacques arm. Jacques made his next shot count and put a pullet through Duncan’s head.

Peichi arrived to take care of the wounded. James and Archie got back to work, preparing to land. They worried it might be a further trap, but the contact seemed to be expecting the cargo as planned. He informed them that Duncan had killed crews and taken there ships in the past to cut costs, but it was his own initiative.

After turning in Duncan’s body for the reward, the crew had more coin than they had had in quite a while. James asked Miranda what she planned to do. She said she needed to get to a core world to collect some money. James was intrigued as she hinted at riches and agreed to give her another lift.



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